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We are Prescott’s premiere cycling brand based near the beautiful Prescott National Forest in Northern Arizona. We are inspired by the awesome riding and beautiful trails that surround us.  Our purposeful bike components are manufactured to our exacting specifications by our select group of manufacturers.  We strive to make cycling simple and fun so you can enjoy your favorite single track or twisty road.  We will see you out there.

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396 TR Frame

One frame to rule them all!

We created the 396 TR as a trail day / race day (TR) frame.  The 396 TR works seamlessly with two different wheel and tire size configurations available for bicycles today.  This gives you the option to fit smaller wheels with larger volume tires for “trail day” riding.  And to have a second set of the larger size wheels with smaller volume tires for your event, “race day”.

  • 396 TR fits 27.5″ wheels with 2.8″ to 3.0″ tires for everyday riding
  • 396 TR fits 29″ wheels with 2.2″ tires for race day riding

Why did we develop the frame this way?  The trail day / race day format gives you the maximum flexibility for using your bike.  This has many advantages for you the rider, most importantly familiarity with your bike come the day of your event which is key to your personal success.  Your confidence in the fit, handling and performance of your machine helps you to better deal with the other demands “race day” brings.  The format gives you the ability to swap in the bigger tires for unplanned wet or technical courses.  This is particularly useful for the growing trend of “Enduro” style stages at the multi day race formats.  The larger volume tires provide an extra measure of confidence and “cush” without needing a second bike.  Also remember our frame accepts dropper posts for an added level of go fast, get rad (GFGR) fun!


Our frame’s versatility and great features don’t end with the wheels.  The over-sized Press-Fit BB30 works with our bottom brackets or others to allow you to fit any style of crank you wish.  We can even fit an eccentric bottom bracket to tension the chain should you want to run the frame as a single speed.  We have a generous amount of chain ring clearance allowing up to 36 teeth!  This gives you the most gearing options for 1 x 11 and 1 x 12 drive trains.  Our exclusive drop chain stay replaces the flat plates and extra welding found on other frames.  This strengthens this critical junction while reducing weight.

The s-bend down tube accommodates two large water bottles on all three frame sizes including the small.  The external cable routing is modular and is easily switched from two to three cables to tailor the fit to your exact component specifications.  We added a third set of mounts to the top tube for your extra tube, air, lights or Bento box to hold your food.  This makes our frame ideal for Xterra or Marathon Mountain Biking events.

Frame Specifications

  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Hydroformed Frame
  • Head Tube: Tapered 1 1/8″ tp 1 1/2″
  • Bottom Bracket: Press-Fit BB30
  • Seat Post Diameter: Ø30.9mm
  • Seat Tube Clamp Diameter: Ø34.9mm
  • Rear Spacing: BOOST 148 x 12 x 1.5 TPI
  • E-Thru Axle included
  • Fork Offset: 51mm
  • Max Fork Height: 536mm
  • Flat Mount Rear Disc Brake: 160 adapter included
  • Triple cable guides included
  • Internal dropper post inlet cable guide included
  • Small: 3.9 lbs [1.8 kg]
  • Medium: 4.2 lbs [1.9 kg]
  • Large: 4.4 lbs [2.0 kg]
    • Weights shown include paint and hanger
  • Cable guide hardware is 1.1 ounces [31 grams]

GFGR Geometry for the 396 TR

TTL 617.0 644.9 668.5
HTA 68.6° 68.6° 68.6°
HTL 90.0 108.6 138.4
ESA* 73.4° 73.9° 74.4°
ASA* 68.0° 68.7° 69.8°
STL 400.0 430.0 460.0
RC 435.0 435.0 435.0
FC 663.9 699.3 735.5
WB 1092.2 1127.7 1164.0
BBD 59.5 59.5 59.5
FL 526.0 526.0 526.0
FR 51.0 51.0 51.0
STA 594.4 611.9 639.9
REA 412.3 441.5 467.5
STAND OVER 737.0 759.8 786.9
MIN RIDER HIEGHT (STD OVER) 5′ 3″ 5′ 4″ 5′ 6″
MAX RIDER HEIGHT (SEAT POST) 5′ 10″ 6′ 3″ 6′ 4″
MIN RIDER HEIGHT (REACH) 5′ 5′ 3″ 5′ 6″
MAX RIDER HEIGHT (REACH) 5′ 8″ 5′ 11″ 6′ 2″

* Measurements given at 20% of SAG for a 120mm fork dimension for proper fitting and ride height. Max fork travel is 140mm, Max fork Height is 536mm, HT angle with a DVO Beryl BOOST 29/27.5+ set to 140 travel or FOX 27.5 PLUS 130 travel fork is 68.2°,  BOOST 110 x 15 front fork spacing required.

Learn more about our geometry philosophy here.

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Enjoy cycling more with our line of specialty components. All of our components are precision-machined form aluminum, coated in glossy black anodize and laser etched for a durable long lasting finish. Shop our collection Press-Fit BB30 bottom brackets that easily adapt your frame to your favorite BB30 or Symmetric 24mm and Asymmetric 24mm (Shimano MTB cranks only) for road and mountain cranks. We even make our own Press-Fit BB30 / BB30 installation tool to precisely install your new BB with. Or replace the bearings in you current BB30 frame.

Or maybe you need to adapt your flat mount rear brake frame to to a 74mm post mount brake? No problem we can accommodate rotors 160mm in diameter. And offer a BOOST through axle compatible with Shimano’s latest e-thru 12mm x 1.5 tpi design.

We also offer a selection of name brand wheels and components to compliment our frames our your riding needs. We destructively test and or ride all of the components that we offer to insure their quality and durability.

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