396TR frame have arrived and are shipping now!

Starting our own bike company has been a great journey.  Today we have achieved a major milestone in making our brand a reality.  We are excited to announce that our 396 TR frames have arrived and are available for immediate shipment.  Check out our frames here and order yours today from our shop!

Then you can build your own bike from the ground up with one of our frames.  Like this top shelf trail day build.  With the best that FOX and Shimano have to offer.

Miles of smiles await!

2 Replies to “396TR frame have arrived and are shipping now!”

  1. Just a thought
    Maybe you should put specs and geometry up
    Is this 27.5 plus? 29 plus ? 29 reg? All three ?
    Some people might find that info important

    1. Hi Don,

      Please follow the links in the post to the specs.

      All of the specs are there. But maybe it is not clear on the posts. Thank you for the feedback.

      All the best,

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