The Benefits of Lay-Back Seat Tubes

Lay-Back Seat Tubes allow for perfect rider positioning with a zero offset dropper post

Happy September!  We are now heading into the best time of year for riding in many parts of the country.  Cool crisp morning are perfect for a Dawn Patrol ride and pleasant temps call you out in the afternoons.  So there really is no better time for a new frame to build up just the way you like.  Here are some of the keys features of our 396 TR.  Happy riding!

The GFGR Geometry of the 396 TR blends neutral handling with long front centers.  Our seat tubes have lay back so you can run a dropper post and not need to get way back behind the saddle when the going gets rowdy!  The 396 TR’s GFGR Geometry achieves your perfect riding position with one of the great dropper post offerings currently available with zero setback.

Evening riding with a 30.9 rigid post with zero set back has added benefit with the laid back seat tube design.  The position allows the seat post to flex more and improve comfort when things get bumpy.

Combined with the rear triangle design of our frames, these features make for a more compliant ride that transcends the nature of the frame’s material.  You will be immediately pleased by the quick acceleration and awesome tracking of our frame as you rip down your favorite single track.  The rider first approach of the frames GFGR Geometry will place you in a comfortable ready for for fun position.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Take a test ride at High Gear Bike Shop and go PR hunting for yourself like Jesse and Dov did.

Buck, getting bucked, by your current frame and shop the 396 TR for your size now.


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