“better numbers for a better price”

PH with his new 396 TR size large.

After careful research and comparison of other frame on the market PH choose Prescott Cyclery’s 396 TR. Why? In his own words PH spells out the key differences that separate the 396 TR from other frames in its class.

“Thanks Jay. I was kinda surprised about your product. First time I took a glance I thought the bikes were a bit pricey and missed the frame set. Second time I gave the frame set a better look, noticed the price was more my fancy, reach and tire clearance looks good, but its the low weight of the frames that really got me interested. Everything seems so damn heavy these days. Most steel stuff is nearly 7lbs in size XL, unless your paying $1000+. Carbon is coming down in price (3lb Canfield EPO is $800) but it takes more care and cant be recycled. Aluminum is hit or miss. Its either cheap and heavy or expensive and light, and of course tire clearance and geometry come into play. I was looking at the new SC Chameleon, Big Honzo, or Specialized Chisel, but I think your frame offers better numbers for a better price. Cant wait to see it in person. I’ll be in touch!” – PH

Thanks PH! Can’t wait to see your final build!

Curious about the 396 TR and how it is redefining what a PLUS bike can be? Go to our website for more information https://prescottcyclery.com/396-tr-frame/

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