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In celebration of Small Business Saturday we will be running promotions for our products over the next two weeks. To kick things off we are offering reduced pricing and special club discounts on our cycling clothing.

To take advantage of these special discount please join our Club, “PrescottCyclery” (all one word) at Ride Biker Alliance and on Strava for special discounts and to see the miles other club members are logging!

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End of Season Sale on Cycling Clothes!

We have a limited selection of Men’s cycling clothes on sale while supplies last.

Prescott Cyclery is excited to bring you our clothing line by Athlos Sports.  Rendered in Athlos’s Breakaway fabrics our clothing allow you to expect more, go farther, and go faster. Breakaway meets the increased demands on that long hot century, that Tuesday night crit, or maxing out on the climbs of your local trails. Breakaway delivers with increased technology, performance and fit integrated into each product.

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“better numbers for a better price”

PH with his new 396 TR size large.

After careful research and comparison of other frame on the market PH choose Prescott Cyclery’s 396 TR. Why? In his own words PH spells out the key differences that separate the 396 TR from other frames in its class.

“Thanks Jay. I was kinda surprised about your product. First time I took a glance I thought the bikes were a bit pricey and missed the frame set. Second time I gave the frame set a better look, noticed the price was more my fancy, reach and tire clearance looks good, but its the low weight of the frames that really got me interested. Everything seems so damn heavy these days. Most steel stuff is nearly 7lbs in size XL, unless your paying $1000+. Carbon is coming down in price (3lb Canfield EPO is $800) but it takes more care and cant be recycled. Aluminum is hit or miss. Its either cheap and heavy or expensive and light, and of course tire clearance and geometry come into play. I was looking at the new SC Chameleon, Big Honzo, or Specialized Chisel, but I think your frame offers better numbers for a better price. Cant wait to see it in person. I’ll be in touch!” – PH

Thanks PH! Can’t wait to see your final build!

Curious about the 396 TR and how it is redefining what a PLUS bike can be? Go to our website for more information

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We started a bike company!?

Herman (left) and Jay the founders of Prescott Cyclery

No doubt it was that beautiful day in Sedona that sparked the idea that would become Prescott Cyclery. Herman and I had not seen each other for nearly two decades. We met in Vancouver Canada in the 90’s riding the awesome and extensive trails of North Vancouver. It was good times on an off the bike and those days were never forgotten. And like all good friends it was as if a day had never passed.

Both of us are designers and we share a love for all things bicycles. So there in the Sedona sun the idea occurred to us. We should start our own bike company. Great now what? Well two years and hundreds of design hours later we launched Prescott Cyclery. It has been very exciting as we steadily build a reputation for well designed quality products. Our company was featured recently in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. And opened our first dealer, High Gear Bicycles here in Prescott, AZ. We appreciate the tremendous support we have received from the cycling community both here in Prescott and around the country.

With your support we will continue to grow and build our excellent portfolio of products. If you like what we are doing and dig our entrepreneurial spirit please share our Facebook page @prescottcyclery with your friends. Join our mailing list to keep up on what’s new at Prescott Cyclery. And of course pick up a t-shirt or one of our other great products. Because without your support we are just two guys with a bike company… And that’s just madness.

FrozenMotionPhotos – Jay navigating the rocks in the White Tank Mountain Park

Training day or Race day complete BOOST wheel sets now available!

Realize the full benefit of your 396 TR by having a wheel set to suit your riding mood. Choose 29er for your full out efforts and days or 27.5 PLUS for the rowdy ones. These wheel sets allow you to realize the the core flexibility the 396 TR offers.

We recommend combining our wheel sets with some of our favorite reliable components into a race day or training day ready wheel set. Like an 11-46 Shimano XT cassette and 180 / 160 rotors to the Maxxis ICON tires seen in the complete build photos. These wheels properly equipped deliver unmatched traction and acceleration. The wheel set comes ready to install tubeless with the included tape, valves and . Experience the full benefit of our 396 TR frame by switching between training day or race day wheels!

Click these links to shop now.

Wheel Set 29er BOOST

Wheel Set 27.5 PLUS 40 BOOST

Wheel Set 27.5 PLUS 50 BOOST

Training Day and Race Day complete bikes now available!


Our excellent 396 TR aluminum frame is built up with a solid selection of reliable name brand components.  Nimble handling and BOOST 120mm FOX Performance fork team up for fast and fun riding.  Our GFGR dialed geometry round out our all around capable hard-tail that is just at home on flowing trails as it is on rugged terrain.

We do the leg work for you with our complete bike builds.  Each bike is completely assembled and shipped to you ready to pull out of the box and ride with minimal assembly required.  Enjoy miles of smiles on your new 396 TR complete bike!

Check out our two versions by clicking on the links below.


396 TR 29ER

The Benefits of Lay-Back Seat Tubes

Lay-Back Seat Tubes allow for perfect rider positioning with a zero offset dropper post

Happy September!  We are now heading into the best time of year for riding in many parts of the country.  Cool crisp morning are perfect for a Dawn Patrol ride and pleasant temps call you out in the afternoons.  So there really is no better time for a new frame to build up just the way you like.  Here are some of the keys features of our 396 TR.  Happy riding!

The GFGR Geometry of the 396 TR blends neutral handling with long front centers.  Our seat tubes have lay back so you can run a dropper post and not need to get way back behind the saddle when the going gets rowdy!  The 396 TR’s GFGR Geometry achieves your perfect riding position with one of the great dropper post offerings currently available with zero setback.

Evening riding with a 30.9 rigid post with zero set back has added benefit with the laid back seat tube design.  The position allows the seat post to flex more and improve comfort when things get bumpy.

Combined with the rear triangle design of our frames, these features make for a more compliant ride that transcends the nature of the frame’s material.  You will be immediately pleased by the quick acceleration and awesome tracking of our frame as you rip down your favorite single track.  The rider first approach of the frames GFGR Geometry will place you in a comfortable ready for for fun position.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Take a test ride at High Gear Bike Shop and go PR hunting for yourself like Jesse and Dov did.

Buck, getting bucked, by your current frame and shop the 396 TR for your size now.


396TR frame have arrived and are shipping now!

Starting our own bike company has been a great journey.  Today we have achieved a major milestone in making our brand a reality.  We are excited to announce that our 396 TR frames have arrived and are available for immediate shipment.  Check out our frames here and order yours today from our shop!

Then you can build your own bike from the ground up with one of our frames.  Like this top shelf trail day build.  With the best that FOX and Shimano have to offer.

Miles of smiles await!

396TR frames are arriving next week!

Lined up and ready to go!

We are excited to announce that the 396TR are scheduled to arrive 8/2 the middle of next week.  Once we receive the frames we will begin shipping orders immediately.

Shop now for fastest delivery and selection.

Want to learn more about what our riders and customers think about the 396TR?  Follow these links.

First Impressions

1,000 Miles and going strong


396TR Geometry

Each frame is individually packed in a heavy duty box.

We have added a new section “Our Team”

First up is Jay Clark Founder and Designer at Prescott Cyclery.

Founder – Jay Clark

I love to ride bicycles. Cycling for me is a fantastic way to be outside, meet people and enjoy our world. My love for cycling began at an early age and I have been fortunate enough to turn my passion for all things bicycle related into a living designing bicycles and products for them.

I graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 1994. And followed my passion for riding, racing and all things bicycles to Syncros and the mountains of British Columbia. It was a magical time living by the ocean in Vancouver and riding high into the mountains that surround the city. On the road or on the dirt Vancouver has every kind of adventure one can imagine riding a bicycle on. Thus began my design career in the Cycling Industry.

Over the next 18 years I worked for great companies and learned the craft of bicycle design and engineering from the very best minds in the industry. I learned component design and the importance of product testing at Syncros. At Serotta I was immersed into the holistic approach to “the rider comes first” bicycle fitting and how it drives a frame’s design and geometry. I gained invaluable experience at Cannondale in advanced frame engineering, development and reinforced my strong belief in testing.

I set out on my own 4 years ago and have built a successful consulting business, continuing to build on my skills as a design engineer by working with companies inside and outside of the cycling industry. I have learned the industry best practices from leading design firms and automotive accessory companies.  It has been my goal from the start to parley my development experience into product of my own design for my own company.

Starting Prescott Cyclery has been a career long dream. After realizing the product goals for many others over my career it is exciting to own my own brand. I am pouring all that I have learned into the creation of our products. Designing products for people to interact with is fun. As a bicycle designer you get to take interactive design to a new level, developing a product that is an extension of the end user. It is exciting to me that they interact with the product on a very direct level, and that it helps them to realize their goals and aspirations. This is why I do what I do. It is rewarding for me to create awesome product that helps people realize their own goals.